Office Surgery

Office Surgery at Blackwood Hospital, includes two rooms equipped for minor surgery procedures.

Cleaning and sterilisation of the instruments is performed according to Australian Standards with up-to-date vacuum drying cycles.

This facility is purpose designed for the surgical removal of skin lesions and closure including minor local skin flaps and skin graft procedures. Minor hand surgery under local anaesthesia is suited to this area: with carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, retrieval of foreign bodies, removal of mucous cysts, repair of wounds, extensor tendon injuries and finger tip and nail bed injuries all undertaken regularly.

Fasting is not required prior to these small operations.

A long acting local anaesthetic can be used for extended comfort, depending on the needs of the surgery.

Light bandaging or tape cover is applied to cover the stitches: after some hand surgery more extensive dressings are needed: while many even little operations on legs and feet need supportive bandages to avoid swelling occurring. (So wear loose shoes or sandals)

Curiously, costs for surgery in office facilities falls outside private health rebate rules at this time, but a higher medicare rebate does apply than in hospital! These facilities do meet all standards appropriate and are easier and more efficient to use with less administrative costs over larger facilities. Perhaps these rules may be changed in the future.