Microvascular Dissection Workshop

Deferred indefinitely

Dr. Griffin has convened this workshop since January 2010. This practical workshop lasts for five days and is modelled on successful workshops that have been running for more than 20 years in Louisville Kentucky and the Canniesburn workshop of Glasgow, Scotland.

The workshop lasts for 40 hours with lunch and breaks. A copy of the 3rd edition of Acland’s Microvascular Technical Manual will be given to each participant. The DVD’s of DrAcland's teaching lectures form an integral part of the workshop. There is initial manipulation of the operating microscope instruments and suturing on a glove model, followed by anaesthetised rat dissection workshops over the next 9 sessions. At the end of this workshop, most participants will have achieved competence at venous and arterial anastomosis in this very demanding model.

This is a technical skill that does require sequestrated practise and instruction to master. All trainees in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery who envisage a career incorporating microsurgical skills would be advised to consider this workshop.