Skin Cancer Surgery

Australia is blessed with clear sunny days, which leave those with pale skin at risk of skin cancer development. All new lumps, bumps or pigmented patches on the skin should be shown to, and discussed, with your doctor. Most new lesions are not skin cancer and can be easily treated if needed.

Some benign skin lesions can be itchy or unsightly or may cause well-meaning but unnecessary comment or attention and may deserve removal for those simple reasons.

Skin cancer is common amongst Australians. Most skin cancer is cured by simple complete surgical excision; especially if it is treated as an early lesion. For some early skin cancers, a course of local cream application may remove the lesion without scar. Plastic Surgery techniques have the two main aims of completely removing the lesion and leaving the least intrusive scar after that treatment. The surgery can usually be comfortably done in this office under local anaesthesia. The wound and sutures are attended to at a later appointment and the pathology result then discussed.