Patient Information

waiting areaThe Secretarial and Nursing staff at Dr. Philip Griffin's rooms are available to assist you in many areas, be it a simple initial enquiry, making an appointment, assisting with accounts to Medicare and Private Health Funds or advice following surgery.

Patient Accounts


We request that your account is paid in full on the day of your consultation with Dr. Griffin. We have the capability of submitting your claim to Medicare online in which case, you will receive reimbursement from Medicare in due course.


All accounts following surgery are required to be sent to you first in order to complete the necessary paperwork. Payment can either be made in full and then your rebate claimed from Medicare and your Private Fund thereafter. Alternatively, these accounts can be forwarded to Medicare and your Private Fund. Once processed, payment then needs to be forward to our rooms. All gaps are requested to be paid prior to surgery.

Post - Operative Advice

Our nurses here at Dr. Griffin's rooms are available to assist you with enquiries both prior to and post surgery. You can find more specific post-operative instructions here.