It is not uncommon to have some pain or discomfort after otoplasty surgery. This should begin to settle after a few days. General discomfort will go on for a longer period of time. While you are in hospital the nursing staff will have orders for pain relief to make you comfortable. On discharge you will be provided with pain medication or with a script. Aspirin based analgesics should NOT be taken. If your operative areas become more painful instead of less after the first few days please phone Dr. Griffins office.


Following surgery the suture line will be covered with Hypafix tape, and then a bandage will be wrapped around the head. This bandaging must be left in place until the 1st post operative visit. These bandages must be kept dry at all times. Approximately 4 days post surgery a dressing change will take place in our rooms. At this time all the bandaging will be removed. Following this visit, it is possible to have a shower and wash your hair. It is important that you have a soft headband to wear and that you bring this to your post operative visit as this will be used in place of the bandaging. This headband must be worn all the time for 2 weeks and then at night time for a following 4 weeks. If in any doubt, please contact our rooms for advice.


The sutures used at the time of your surgery are dissolving. The ends of these sutures will be trimmed at your second post- operative appointment – approximately a week after your surgery.


The scars following otoplasty surgery are in the crease behind the ear and are therefore not readily visible to others. Hypafix tape can be worn over the scars for a period of 6 weeks to assist with maintaining a thin scar line.


It is recommended that 2 weeks off work following this procedure is necessary. In particular is important not to take part in contact sports for 6 weeks.

Post operative appointments

Your first 2 post operative appointments are usually made prior to your surgery. If a post operative appointment has been arranged and you are unable to attend, please contact our rooms prior to surgery so alternative times can be looked at. Post operative care is a very important part of the process to ensure that you achieve the results you are wanting.


If you have any questions or concerns after your surgery, please contact our rooms to discuss these with the nursing staff. If it is after hours or on the weekend, again call the rooms number and advice on how to contact Mr Griffin will be given to you.

- Philip A. Griffin, FRACS